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9 Reasons You Need to Buy the Best CPAP Cleaner of 2022

A recent study discovered, “40% of CPAP users admitted to never cleaning their CPAP mask, and more than 80% skipped cleaning the CPAP tubing.” They don’t even pre-wash or use mask wipes! If you’re grossed out reading that, good. We were too.

Not cleaning your CPAP equipment leads to faster deterioration, meaning you’ll need replacement parts sooner. Germs can collect in CPAP accessories, and no one wants to be breathing in pathogens linked to respiratory illness.

The easiest way CPAP users can disinfect is by buying a CPAP cleaner, but how do you cut through the crowded market of CPAP supplies? Aeroflow Sleep has done all of the legwork for you and can give you 9 reasons why you need to buy the best CPAP cleaner of 2022.

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CPAP Water: Does It Need to Be Distilled? (Plus, How to Make Your Own)

A CPAP humidifier can be the key to sleep therapy success, making your airflow more comfortable and eliminating symptoms like dry mouth and sore throat– but always having to keep distilled water around is a bit of a pain. Is bottled water just as good? What would happen if you used tap water anyway? Is your doctor just in the pocket of Big Water? 

In truth, the answer to these questions can have a big impact on your health and on your wallet. Read on to learn about what kinds of water you can use in your CPAP machine, how the right kind of water can save you money, and even how to make your own distilled water!

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Home Sleep Study vs In-Lab Test (Which Apnea Test Is Best For You?)

Do you find yourself suffering from daytime fatigue and excessive sleepiness no matter how well you think you slept? Do you often wake up with headaches? Do you fall asleep at red lights or while watching TV? Do your family members complain about your loud snoring? We all go through stressful periods that leave us feeling worn out at times, but if you answered yes to any of the questions above there might be something more to it. You may need a sleep study to determine if you have an underlying medical condition like Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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BiPAP vs CPAP (Which Therapy Is the Best Choice for You?)

If you’ve got sleep apnea, you’ve definitely heard of CPAP, but you may have also encountered some less common terms like BiPAP or APAP.  Many first time CPAP users are surprised to find out that there’s more than one type of PAP therapy. So what makes these machines different from a CPAP machine, and who are these machines for?

Today we’ll focus on BiPAP therapy, how it differs from CPAP, and when to consider BiPAP as a  treatment option.

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The Easy Way to Get a CPAP Prescription and Buy a CPAP Machine

Written by Gary Rothbard, MD, MS and Aeroflow Sleep Staff

When you’re first diagnosed with Sleep Apnea the process of getting a CPAP machine can seem daunting. Do you need to spend a night in a sleep lab? Can you just get your prescription from your primary care physician? Where’s the best place to buy a CPAP?

Take a deep breath! We’ve written this guide to simplify the process of getting a CPAP prescription and getting your new CPAP machine.

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your CPAP Mask on All Night

Getting used to CPAP can take a little practice. If you are taking your CPAP mask off during the night then you aren’t receiving proper treatment. If you are brand new to CPAP, you have to use your CPAP a minimum amount in order for your insurance to pay for it. But how do you stop yourself from removing it during your sleep? It’s easy, refer to our following ways to help.

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Learning To Love CPAP Therapy

Getting used to CPAP in order to reap the benefits of consistent CPAP therapy — some of which have only recently been uncovered — requires time, patience, and a willingness to undergo some trial and error. While your doctor’s choice of CPAP machine will depend on your exact diagnosis and specifics, you will generally be free to choose the CPAP mask that suits you best. This is an important choice and one that often involves a learning curve. Here I’ll offer some CPAP tips based on my personal experience across nearly 20 years of therapy, with the sincere hope that CPAP helps you as much as it does me.

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Tips for Getting to Sleep with your CPAP Machine

Getting used to a CPAP machine isn’t always the easiest task. Sleep apnea treatment is unique for each individual. Don’t get discouraged, using your new device will get easier and comes with many benefits. Just be patient as you transition to using your CPAP device, it will get easier. Remember, sleep apnea treatment isn’t only necessary for a good night’s sleep, but it’s important for your mental and physical health as well.

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