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Is Mouth Taping Healthy For CPAP Users? What Three Sleep Experts Believe

When you’re searching for authorities on sleep apnea, we’re pretty sure TikTok influencers aren’t who you go to first. Yet, as digital-age generations grow older—the oldest millennials turn 42 this year—all kinds of health and wellness topics can be found on social media. You may even find Aeroflow Sleep joining the TikTok community someday! Nevertheless, we certainly won’t tell you to try every viral trend; mouth taping being one of them.

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Bongo Rx: Is It Really The World’s Best Micro CPAP Or Something Faulty?

The Bongo Rx is an alternative sleep apnea therapy manufactured by AirAvant Medical. First released in 2019, the feedback Bongo Rx received was actually quite positive. Its worth was endorsed by several doctors and their patients. It had undergone clinical-testing and was even FDA-cleared. Plus, in 2020, Bongo Rx was nominated for an Edison Award; a prestigious recognition for innovative products.

All of this is well and good, but Bongo Rx is still a micro CPAP machine.

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eXcite OSA: Why It's The Best Thing Since CPAP For Those Who Hate CPAP

Sleep apnea patients are usually prescribed CPAP therapy, which immediately brings images of wearing a CPAP mask and being hooked up to a CPAP machine to mind. Sure, it’s the gold standard, but not everyone can stand the [continuous positive airway] pressures that come with this type of treatment. Luckily, there’s eXcite OSA; a product that Aeroflow Sleep now offers our newest patients who hate CPAP.

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Benefits of CPAP Machines: 7 Ways CPAP Therapy Helps You

The benefits of CPAP machines are numerous and well worth adjusting to the headgear! Today, Aeroflow Sleep is offering up a refresher for experienced sleep apnea patients asking themselves something like, “Ugh, why am I still doing this?” This is also an excellent overview for newcomers curious about the health benefits of CPAP therapy. Bolster your resolve, and let all of this information sink in as you commit (or recommit) to your CPAP therapy regimen.

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ResMed Full-Face CPAP Masks: 6 Reasons The AirFit F30i Is Our Top Pick

ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask

CPAP users can choose among 3 mask types (nasal, nasal pillow, and full-face masks). During the summer, Aeroflow Sleep patients order more full-face CPAP masks than at other times of the year. That’s because getting a good night’s sleep is a teeny bit harder during the dog days, and sleep apnea sufferers like you need all the help they can get to stay well rested.

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Zero Crap, Get CPAP: The Best CPAP Accessories are Here

We know how it goes when you’re trying to find high-quality CPAP supplies and not just well-advertised crap. You get the recommendations, do the research, believe you’ve found the right products, and then order with nothing but high hopes that you got it right. 

Unfortunately, sometimes when your CPAP accessories arrive, they aren’t quite what you thought you were getting, or they don’t work as well as you’d hoped. Aeroflow Sleep is here to help steer you in the right direction, whether this is your first rodeo as a new customer or you’ve been around the block with your travel CPAP equipment and want to add to your adapter arsenal.

To save you time (and possibly money, if you have an FSA,) we did the research for you and have compiled a list of the best CPAP accessories available!

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Which Philips Respironics DreamWear CPAP Mask Will Save You Time, Money, and More?

Sleep apnea is most often treated with continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP, and CPAP therapy is provided via a CPAP machine, hose, and mask. Of course, there are thousands of CPAP supplies available beyond the basics, and Philips Respironics is just one manufacturer among them. How do you narrow down the options?

If you are looking for a Philips Respironics product, DreamWear is by far their best-selling CPAP mask, and we agree; it’s a solid choice. Here, we’ll explore why Aeroflow Sleep recommends Philips Respironics DreamWear CPAP mask and how it will save you time, money, and more.

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9 Reasons You Need to Buy the Best CPAP Cleaner of 2022

A recent study discovered, “40% of CPAP users admitted to never cleaning their CPAP mask, and more than 80% skipped cleaning the CPAP tubing.” They don’t even pre-wash or use mask wipes! If you’re grossed out reading that, good. We were too.

Not cleaning your CPAP equipment leads to faster deterioration, meaning you’ll need replacement parts sooner. Germs can collect in CPAP accessories, and no one wants to be breathing in pathogens linked to respiratory illness.

The easiest way CPAP users can disinfect is by buying a CPAP cleaner, but how do you cut through the crowded market of CPAP supplies? Aeroflow Sleep has done all of the legwork for you and can give you 9 reasons why you need to buy the best CPAP cleaner of 2022.

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How to Order CPAP Supplies Online with Insurance Right Now

Navigating health insurance is about as easy as navigating the Bermuda Triangle, but when CPAP equipment costs an arm and a leg out of pocket, it’s a necessary evil…or is it? What if we told you how to order CPAP supplies online with insurance right now AND that Aeroflow Sleep would be doing all of the legwork for you?

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The AirFit N20 Ultimate Guide and Review

If you’re considering the AirFit N20, you don’t need a sales spiel, you need to know how it stacks up in the real world! That’s why we’ve put together this collection of answers to common questions about ResMed’s most popular nasal CPAP mask. In our no-nonsense review we’ll take a look at who this mask is right for and who it’s not right for. Then we’ll compare it against some similar masks so you can make the right decision for you.

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