Meagan Remmes

With nearly a decade of writing experience, Meagan Remmes leads the creative vision behind Aeroflow Sleep's blog content. She has worked with a wide range of clients in the past; including Mission Hospital, Ingles Markets, Omni Hotels & Resorts, and Advance Auto Parts. Today, her passion is to educate new and existing sleep apnea patients on the benefits of receiving PAP supplies through insurance. You may also find her hanging out with her dog, hiking with her husband, or reading a good book in blissful solitude.

Areas of Focus:

  • Sleep Apnea Products and Research

Magnesium Supplements: Do They Help Or Harm Sleep Apnea Patients Like You?

When you hear the word “magnesium,” you probably think of the periodic table of elements. You might even get as far as to remember that “Mg” is magnesium’s symbol. But, unless you’re a chemist, anything more than that may as well be a foreign language to you. Luckily, Aeroflow Sleep is here to unveil the mysteries behind magnesium.

In today’s blog, we will identify what magnesium is, how it is used, who needs it, and most importantly, if sleep apnea patients like you are among those who do. Plus, if magnesium is not right for you, we have a list of 3 more nutritional supplements to try and more!

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Sleep Apnea And Heart Health: Why OSA, Hypertension, And A High Heart Rate Matter

Snoring can be a major annoyance if your bed partner is afflicted with it. What’s worse; if that snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, it could be potentially life-threatening. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and there is strong evidence that sleep apnea and heart disease, hypertension, and even heart failure are related. Thankfully, the elevated risks associated with sleep-disordered breathing are preventable with simple, non-invasive treatment; available to you through insurance with Aeroflow Sleep.

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Why The Best Temperature For Sleep Is Much Colder Than You Really Think

You wake to greet another October morning and suddenly notice a chill in the air. Groggily searching for the source, you see red and yellow leaves dancing in the autumn breeze outside the window—the same window you left open. Now, your body temperature is relying on the bundle of blankets you’re burrowed within for warmth.

Despite the cold, this was your first good night’s sleep in months. Why is that? In today’s blog, Aeroflow Sleep will reveal what the best temperature for sleep is, 6 tips to achieve it, how your sleep environment should change as you age, and where OSA fits into all of this.

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Are CPAP Masks Latex Free? Top 5 Reasons You See Skin Irritation On CPAP

Now that you’re on a CPAP machine and wake up feeling refreshed, isn’t it time you look the part? A common complaint among sleep apnea patients is that CPAP masks irritate the skin, resulting in red marks, nose sores, and dermatitis. This is especially true for CPAP users who have a latex allergy. Aeroflow Sleep is here to reveal the top 5 reasons you see skin irritation on CPAP, plus which supplies help reduce the rash.

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Can The Dentist Cure OSA? When Dental Devices Win Over CPAP Machines

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is seen as chronic, so it’s a condition you will have to deal with for a long time – if not your lifetime. However, using a CPAP machine doesn’t have to be on the agenda. Some alternate treatment options work for a select few and can be recommended by your dentist as well as your doctor! Today, we’ll explore oral appliance therapy, its dental devices, and, of course, continuous positive airway pressure.

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eXcite OSA: Why It's The Best Thing Since CPAP For Those Who Hate CPAP

Sleep apnea patients are usually prescribed CPAP therapy, which immediately brings images of wearing a CPAP mask and being hooked up to a CPAP machine to mind. Sure, it’s the gold standard, but not everyone can stand the [continuous positive airway] pressures that come with this type of treatment. Luckily, there’s eXcite OSA; a product that Aeroflow Sleep now offers our newest patients who hate CPAP.

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Sleep Apnea Estimates Top 1 Billion People (Are You One In A Billion?)

In 2019, ResMed published an article with the title: More Than 936 Million Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea [OSA] Worldwide. It was a figure – backed by research found in Lancet Respiratory Medicine’s literature review – that provoked physicians to “step up their efforts.” After all, the new data suggested the World Health Organization (WHO) was off by a number nearly 10 times greater than its estimate of 100 million people. Fast-forward to 2022...

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In 3 Easy Steps, You Can Get A Quote For PAP Supplies Through Insurance

If you have sleep apnea, then you probably have PAP supplies; this could include a CPAP machine, APAP machine, or BiPAP machine, plus its CPAP mask and accessories. These essentials can come with a major price tag though. That’s why Aeroflow Sleep is dedicated to finding you the best deals possible by working with your insurance provider, and that’s not all. Now, you can get a quote before you order!

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What Is CPAP Titration? (Plus, 3 Ways Using Auto Titrating Benefits You)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is the gold standard for treating sleep apnea. Sleep apnea patients stop breathing during sleep, and CPAP therapy keeps that from happening. It opens your upper airways by gently pushing pressurized air from a CPAP machine to a CPAP mask worn within or around the nose and sometimes over your mouth while you sleep.

What controls your CPAP pressure level though, and therefore your breathing, is CPAP titration. Sounds like a pretty fancy term…but it really isn’t! Today, Aeroflow Sleep will fully define what CPAP titration is, how it's measured, what that costs, plus 3 ways using auto titrating benefits you. That way, you’ll know exactly why this fancy word is so important to your sleep apnea.

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ResMed Full-Face CPAP Masks: 6 Reasons The AirFit F30i Is Our Top Pick

ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask

CPAP users can choose among 3 mask types (nasal, nasal pillow, and full-face masks). During the summer, Aeroflow Sleep patients order more full-face CPAP masks than at other times of the year. That’s because getting a good night’s sleep is a teeny bit harder during the dog days, and sleep apnea sufferers like you need all the help they can get to stay well rested.

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