Warranty Information

Warranty Policy: CPAP, Bi-PAP and APAP warranty decisions for repair or replacement are made solely by the manufacturer. Please contact us at Sleep@aeroflowinc.com to verify the machine is still under warranty.

All equipment that is experiencing functional issues and no longer under manufacturer warranty MAY be able to be repaired by the manufacturer. This policy varies by manufacturer. A diagnostic fee (which is determined by the manufacturer and may or may not be applied to the actual repair cost depending on the manufacturer) will be collected prior to submitting the machine to the manufacturer for assessment. The patient/customer is responsible for shipment of machine to our office.

Manufacturer warranties do not warrant against misuse of equipment or water damage. If inspected and it is determined that water or misuse is the cause of malfunction, patient/customer will have the option to have machine returned to them, have the machine repaired by the manufacturer (repair costs will be quoted and collected before repair is collected), or purchase a new machine of their choice. Please email our return department at Sleep@aeroflowinc.com to receive assistance setting up your return.