ResMed Full-Face CPAP Masks: 6 Reasons The AirFit F30i Is Our Top Pick

ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask

CPAP users can choose among 3 mask types: nasal, nasal pillow, and full-face masks. During the summer, Aeroflow Sleep patients order more full-face CPAP masks than at other times of the year. That’s because getting a good night’s sleep is a teeny bit harder during the dog days, and sleep apnea sufferers like you need all the help they can get to stay well rested.

But how does choosing a full-face CPAP mask make a difference? We’re here to tell you exactly what makes the ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask our top pick, backed by your popular demand.


Why ResMed’s AirFit F30i Full-Face Mask Is Trending

You Should Choose A Full-Face CPAP Mask If…

You Should Choose A Nasal or Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask If…

Know The AirFit F30i Is Right For You With Aeroflow Sleep’s Mask-Fitting Technology


Aeroflow Sleep is in-network with most primary insurance companies and is accreditted by Medicare and Medicaid. Complete our Qualify Through Insurance Form, and we will automatically check to see if your plan covers CPAP supplies; including a machine, mask, and accessories. ***Must have a sleep study to qualify.***

You will also receive the care and attention every sleep apnea patient deserves; one-on-one clinical support in-home or via telehealth, a dedicated Sleep Specialist you can contact during business hours, and a user-friendly online portal with tailored replacement schedule, important updates and notifications, and educational resources.

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Why ResMed’s AirFit F30i Full-Face Mask Is Trending

Now that summertime is in full swing, you’re probably staying up later, partying harder, and living life to the fullest. After all, the best part of your sleep therapy is that it makes you feel well-rested for an abundance of activities, right? Well, some patients are active while they rest too, which is why Aeroflow Sleep believes our patients are gravitating to the ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face Mask for 6 reasons:

1. Removable Mask Parts

Active sleepers sometimes struggle with staying asleep. If you wake in the middle of the night, the ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask has removable mask parts thanks to its quick-release elbow and magnetic clips. Putting the mask parts together again is easy too, because it’s only 3 things; the third part being your headgear straps. It’s easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to maintain!

2. Top-Of-Head Headgear

Another way ResMed puts active sleepers (literally) top of mind is with top-of-head headgear. The AirFit F30i’s hose connects at the top of the head and swivels 360°, so your head tube moves with you. That means you don’t have to compromise on your preferred sleeping position or worry about your tubing tangling. You can even cuddle with your bed partner again.

3. Hollow Mask Frames

Wondering where the air goes now that your tube connection is placed on your head and not at your mouth and nose? All AirFit 30i standard frames are hollow frames. That’s right; the frame design for the ResMed AirFit N30i, P30i, and F30i guides your continuous positive airway pressure through a hollow, silicone mask frame into its next big feature: UltraCompact cushions.

4. UltraCompact Cushions

Many people assume that since a full-face cushion covers both your nose and mouth, red marks and nose sores come standard too. Not so with the ResMed AirFit F30i! Its UltraCompact cushions are designed to avoid contact with the upper part of your nose, preventing irritation along the bridge of your nose. Plus, ResMed carries 4 cushion sizes. From small cushions to wide cushions, your face will find comfort in the AirFit F30i. Click here for a sizing guide.

5. Performs Better Than DreamWear

Speaking of comfort, “a clinical study of 48 evaluable current full face CPAP mask users from October 24 to November 20, 2018 in Sydney, Australia and San Diego, CA, who trialed ResMed AirFit F30i and Philips Respironics DreamWear full face [at home]” showed 75% preferred AirFit F30i to DreamWear for its overall performance. They also preferred it nearly 2 to 1 for seal and 3 to 1 for comfort. Talk about a landslide win!

6. Combats Nasal Congestion

Longer days and hotter nights are often coupled with climbing rates of nasal congestion and allergies too. While you’re collecting seashells by the seashore, your CPAP machine is can build up an overabundance of bacteria brought on by the heat, especially if you don't keep it clean. Once you turn your machine on, the air pushes all of those harmful pathogens and allergens into your CPAP mask and respiratory system.

When you choose a nasal or nasal pillows mask, your airflow is concentrated in your nasal passages. The ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask covers both your nose and mouth, remember. Not only does this keep the bacteria from being isolated to one location, microbes in the mouth are easier to tackle with regular dental hygiene than those in the nasal passages. Cleaning your PAP supplies in warm, soapy water is also recommended.

You Should Choose A Full-Face CPAP Mask If...

Reason #5 is actually a benefit all full-face CPAP masks offer. Yes, even if you don’t order the ResMed AirFit F30i, there are still more reasons you should choose a full-face CPAP mask. For example…

Full-face CPAP masks are great for mouth breathers or someone who may be claustrophobic due to their wide surface area and added coverage. They’re also perfect for sleep apnea patients with deviated septums or higher pressure settings, because they can distribute the airflow through multiple airways. Finally, newer models – including AirFit F30i – boast slimmer profiles despite the bulk of a full-face mask frame system, providing a wider field of vision that lets you read or watch TV before bed.

If these are not concerns you share, you might want to consider a nasal or nasal pillows CPAP mask instead.

A Full-Face CPAP Mask is great for:

  • Mouth Breathers
  • Claustrophobia
  • Deviated septums
  • High pressure settings

You Should Choose A Nasal Or Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask If...

Not everyone needs a full-face CPAP mask. Those with facial hair shouldn’t use a full-face mask, because it prevents a reliable seal. CPAP masks that only cover your nose are nasal masks, and nasal masks won’t get in the way of your beard.

Of course, if you sport a mustache, a nasal pillows mask is even better, because its mask cushions are physically inserted into the nostril. These “pillows” are soft, silicone pads that inflate slightly as you inhale, eliminating any possibility of a poor seal. Nasal pillows masks also offer the most minimal contact of any mask type due in part to its curved cushions that sit beneath the nose.

The most obvious difference in both nasal and nasal pillows masks is that they deliver airflow to your nose only, so you get a small frame that’s compact and lightweight. If you think either of these options are better for you than a full-face CPAP mask, ResMed manufactures nasal and nasal pillows masks too, and Aeroflow Sleep can try to get yours covered up to 100% through insurance.

Know The AirFit F30i Is Right For You With Aeroflow Sleep's Mask-Fitting Technology

We have no doubt that the ResMed AirFit F30i Full-Face CPAP Mask is an amazing product, but we also understand that you won’t know for sure until you try it. That’s why Aeroflow Sleep developed mask-fitting technology! When you join our program, your dedicated Sleep Specialist can send a link directly to your smartphone. That link will then take you to a webpage where we’ll ask you a couple of questions as well as to take a selfie, then our algorithm will do the rest. 

In no time, you’ll know if the AirFit F30i is right for you based on your unique face shape, so what are you waiting for? Fill out our simple form below and upon completion, you’ll be one step closer to sleeping well and living better all summer long.


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Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.