9 Reasons You Need To Buy The Best CPAP Cleaner Of 2022

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Whether you suffer from obstructive or central sleep apnea, CPAP cleaning is essential to all patients. Yet, a recent study discovered, “40% of CPAP users admitted to never cleaning their CPAP mask, and more than 80% skipped cleaning the CPAP tubing.” They don’t even pre-wash or use mask wipes! If you’re grossed out reading that, good. We were too.

Not cleaning your CPAP equipment leads to faster deterioration, meaning you’ll need replacement parts sooner. Aeroflow Sleep can help with that, but our primary goal as healthcare providers is to literally care for your health. Germs can collect in CPAP accessories, and no one wants to be breathing in pathogens linked to respiratory illness.

The easiest way CPAP users can disinfect is by buying a CPAP cleaner, but how do you cut through the crowded market of CPAP supplies? Aeroflow Sleep has done all of the legwork for you and can give you 9 reasons why you need to buy the best CPAP cleaner of 2022.

Do CPAP Cleaners Actually Work?

Before we talk about the best of 2022, we should address why “Do CPAP cleaners actually work?” is a trick question. CPAP cleaners don’t clean; they sanitize.

Handwashing your CPAP mask, cushion, and humidifier water chamber every day is the tried and true way to clean CPAP supplies. Watch Michelle Worley, Director of Clinical Operations at Aeroflow Sleep to learn how to clean yours:

CPAP sanitizers only keep your supplies free of germs if you forget to clean them every now and then. On the plus side, the devices we mentioned all have disinfection ratings of 99% or higher. They definitely do their intended job. It’s simply up to you whether or not the luxury of technology outweighs the importance of true cleanliness.

Ozone vs UV Light CPAP Cleaners

The search for the best CPAP cleaner is also highly subjective, because different cleaning devices offer different functionalities. There are two types of sanitizing machines: ozone and UV light CPAP cleaners. Let’s dive into the difference between the two!

Ozone CPAP Cleaners

Ozone CPAP cleaners use ozone (or activated oxygen) during their cleaning cycle. What’s activated oxygen? Well, the air we breathe (in its most basic form) has two oxygen atoms per molecule. Activated oxygen has three, which allows it to destroy microorganisms. In fact, it’s so effective that even drinking water has been treated with ozone gas, and ozonated water has potential benefits; like cancer treatment and prevention, dental therapy, and antioxidant properties.

UV Light CPAP Cleaners

Ultraviolet (UV) light is growing in popularity as a safe sanitization method and has been used to clean toothbrushes, smartphones, even children’s toys in pediatric hospitals. It works by targeting a narrow range of wavelengths that is proven to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. Plus, as of last year, “the FDA has not received any problem reports associated with using UV light products that claim to clean CPAP devices and accessories.”

What Is the Best CPAP Cleaner?

Now that you know the difference between ozone and UV light CPAP cleaners, you’ll understand why Aeroflow Sleep chose not one but two best CPAP cleaners (plus an honorable mention.) Here’s our reasoning behind each selection:

SoClean 3 CPAP Sanitizer: Aeroflow Sleep's #1 Choice In Ozone CPAP Cleaners

1. Zero Harmful Chemicals

Healthline states, “Ozone’s antibacterial properties and ability to destroy industrial impurities have made it a potentially valuable alternative to chlorine,” which CPAP cleaners once used.

By using activated oxygen, SoClean 3 eliminates the need for potentially harmful chemicals while still killing 99.9% of germs. You’ll also know exactly when your CPAP supplies are ready, because SoClean 3 has step-by-step indicator icons that show where you are in the cleaning process as it happens.

2. Air Dry Your CPAP Supplies

Since chemicals like chlorine aren’t being used, your CPAP supplies won’t come out wet or sticky when cleaned with SoClean 3. With the 5-minute fresh air cycle, they’ll remain completely dry and…

3. No Need to Take Apart Parts

…completely intact! In one chamber, SoClean 3 can hold your CPAP mask, hose, and humidifier without any disassembly. It even boasts a spring-loaded top lid for easy access. Sanitizing CPAP machines with SoClean 3 is not advised.

Lumin CPAP Sanitizer: Aeroflow Sleep's #1 Choice in UV Light CPAP Cleaners

1. Environmentally-Friendly

UV light is environmentally-friendly, and the light Lumin emits takes that one step further. Theirs is categorized as UVC light, which is the safest form of ultraviolet light with wavelengths falling between 200-280 nanometers.

And since Lumin uses UVC light, it doesn’t require harmful chemicals either and still boasts a 99% disinfection rate.

2. Time-Saving 

Remember that disgusting statistic about how many people skipped cleaning the CPAP hose? “Skipping” implies it’s not worth your time and effort.

At the press of a button, Lumin makes cleaning CPAP equipment easy and has that CPAP hose sanitized in just 5 minutes!

3. No Dry Time
When we said 5 minutes, we meant it. Once your Lumin cleaning device signals that your CPAP supplies are ready, there’s no dry time. You can immediately use your equipment.

Motif Clean-Z CPAP Sanitizer: Aeroflow Sleep's Honorable Mention

1. At A Fraction of The Price

We couldn’t go without mentioning Clean-Z as another qualified candidate for the best CPAP cleaner of 2022, namely because it’s affordable.

Most of the competition costs hundreds of dollars ($$$.) Clean-Z’s price tag has never breached triple digits ($$.)

2. The Compact Cleaner

Measuring at just over 4 inches long and weighing only a few ounces, Clean-Z is compact but includes all of the same features; like activated oxygen technology, an independently tested 99.99% disinfectant rate, and push-to-start operations.

3. Perfect for Travel

If you’re looking to travel in 2022, this is the CPAP cleaner for you. Not only can the Clean-Z be easily packed in your purse or overnight bag, it also charges via USB and comes with a power adapter for on-the-go use.

Are CPAP Cleaners Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, CPAP cleaners are not covered by insurance, because, at the end of the day, you are the best CPAP cleaning machine each and every year.

But wait… Aeroflow Sleep gets you CPAP supplies up to 100% through insurance. Why would we spend time writing this blog if it doesn’t affect our bottom line? Well, we also genuinely care about our patients. Helping you sleep well and live better is our #1 priority. If that means providing information and resources that doesn’t turn a profit, we’re here for it.