CPAP Repair: All Your Questions Answered

If you think you have a broken or outdated CPAP machine, consider this your wakeup call. Maintaining a CPAP machine and its supplies is crucial to CPAP users, because this determines whether or not you’re truly getting a restful and restorative night’s sleep. Today, we’ll discuss when it’s time to repair or replace, when to take advantage of the new technology your old machine lacked, and how your insurance may cover a brand new CPAP machine.

Is CPAP Machine Repair Possible?

It may be possible to troubleshoot your CPAP machine, but if it’s 3-5 years old or more, it may be time to replace. Here are some things to check before committing to a new machine...

What Do I Do if My CPAP Machine Stops Working?

Replace your CPAP filters

When you’re first outfitted with a new CPAP machine, you’re probably getting the best sleep you’ve had in years! But that refreshed feeling can fade if you haven’t replaced your CPAP filters recently. Your CPAP supplies then play host to allergens and mold. Worse yet, the buildup of dust, dead skin cells, and body oils can turn your CPAP filters into a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens, leading to dangerous respiratory conditions.

The simple solution is to have many disposable CPAP filters on hand and replace them once every two weeks. Do not wash disposable CPAP filters as this will trap any existing microorganisms. If your CPAP machine includes reusable filters, those should be replaced every six months. Reusable filters can and should be rinsed about once a week.

Check your power cord or battery

The fundamental IT question, “Have you tried turning it on and off again,” applies to your CPAP machine as much as it does to a computer. A replacement or repair service may not be necessary if the problem can be easily solved with a restart. If you are still experiencing limited to no power, a good way to check if the power supply is to blame is to try an alternate power source; like a portable battery or car charger.

Try running your CPAP machine without a humidifier

Sleep apnea treatment is an extension of healthy home care, meaning the climate in which you live affects your condition too. A humidifier is designed to assist sleep apnea patients who complain of environmentally-driven respiratory symptoms; such as nasal congestion, dry mouth, or increased mucus or phlegm. Most humidifiers are integrated but optional for this reason, and when they malfunction, they can make the CPAP machine malfunction too.

Our advice is to disconnect the humidifier and try to run the CPAP machine without it. If the CPAP machine runs fine, you now know the humidifier needs to be replaced instead of the whole machine! Do not assume you can continue your CPAP therapy without a humidifier once you have used it. Consult your doctor before removing any breathing support from your home, as this may be an essential part of your CPAP therapy.

When Is It Time for CPAP Repair vs Replacement?

CPAP machine repair is only as good as the supplies you have. Think about your CPAP machine like you would a car. The first 50,000 miles are the best, and then the wear-and-tear begins. Thus, you take your vehicle to a service center, get a repair estimate, and drive away with a short-term fix until its next servicing. This is fine for a while, but eventually, the repair process is only as good as the vehicle itself.

Your usage impacts a CPAP machine’s performance; the more mileage, the more that can go wrong. If your CPAP machine is 3-5 years old, it may be malfunctioning. So, why pay CPAP repair costs out of pocket when you may qualify for a new CPAP machine at little to no cost?

Your insurance plan may cover all-new CPAP equipment, which means no more repair costs and there’s bound to be product improvements. You’ll get to take advantage of new features; like quieter motors, lower pressure adjustments, and health data sent right to your smartphone! Such exciting advancements in technology are certainly reason enough to consider replacing your CPAP machine over repairing it.

Qualifying for CPAP Through Insurance

A dedicated Sleep Specialist can tell you if you qualify for a new CPAP machine at little to no cost. You can choose among many CPAP devices; the most sought after being ResMed Airsense 10 or Philips Respironics Dreamstation. Sleep Specialists are available to chat business days, 8 AM-5 PM and can be contacted at (866) 650-7508 Call us today!