myAir by ResMed: Can This Sleep App Improve Your Sleep?

When 1 in 3 people regularly don’t get enough sleep, who wouldn’t want a personal Sleep Coach on their side? Imagine if that coach could not only tell you what’s affecting your sleep patterns, but give you personalized tips on how to improve your sleep, and show your progress over time.

You’d probably expect to pay out your nasal mask for a service like that. But thanks to the myAir app from ResMed, CPAP users can get exactly that– completely free of charge!

Read on to learn more about how the myAir app can help you sleep better, and how to get started using it.

What Is ResMed myAir?

MyAir is an online support program and a sleep health app all rolled into one. It combines your sleep data, personalized coaching tips, and how-to videos in a way that lets you take an active role in your sleep healthcare

The myAir program connects wirelessly with your ResMed CPAP machine and allows it to send therapy data directly to your computer or smartphone. The app then uses that data to show your myAir score, a simple number which gives a quick look at how well you slept last night. It also offers up detailed reports on your sleep therapy progress, so you can dig as deep as you like. 

From there, myAir gives you personalized tips for increasing your comfort, developing healthy habits, and improving your overall sleep health.

Does myAir Actually Help?

Studies have shown that people who consistently use a sleep tracking program like myAir get an average of 1 hour of sleep longer per night than other CPAP users

But MyAir goes even further than just being a sleep tracking app, offering a number of unique benefits, such as:

  • Individualized sleep coaching, with tips based on your actual sleep data
  • Encouraging messages and a badge system to celebrate milestones
  • How-To videos on using, cleaning, or troubleshooting your CPAP machine and CPAP mask
  • Reminders on when to clean your CPAP equipment to keep your sleep therapy hygienic and effective

The program also gives you the option to connect your healthcare provider to your myAir account, so you can send your myAir score and other health data directly to your doctor or sleep specialist. This allows them to monitor your health as often as needed, without having to mess around with SD cards anymore!

What Is the myAir Score?

Your myAir score is a number between 0-100 that tells you at a glance how well you slept, with 100 being a perfect night of sleep. It calculates this score by tracking four key metrics of your CPAP therapy:

  • AHI - The number of apneas/hypopneas you experienced per hour
  • Usage hours - How long you used your CPAP machine throughout the night
  • Mask seal - How well your CPAP mask delivered airway pressure
  • Mask off events - How often you removed your mask during the night (or otherwise interrupted your sleep apnea treatment

The myAir app also lets you dig into the details of each metric, so you can see exactly why you got that score. You can also see your history for these numbers, so you can track how you’ve improved over time.

What Is a Good Score on myAir?

In a perfect world, we’d all get 100’s every night, but sometimes life gets in the way. A myAir score of 70 or above is considered a good score; however, the most important thing is that you’re seeing improvement with time. 

The best way to improve your myAir score is to stick with your CPAP therapy until it becomes a habit. Based on your results, you’ll find specific tips within your myAir account on how to increase your comfort and adjust to using your CPAP, leading to a better score.

What Does myAir Cost?

The best part of the myAir app is that it’s completely free! Unlike similar sleep tracking programs, there’s no upfront cost and no monthly subscription. 

ResMed created the myAir app to help CPAP users get the most out of their sleep therapy.

Which CPAP Machines Work with myAir?

The myAir app currently works with any model of ResMed AirSense 10, AirSense 10 For Her, and AirCurve 10 machines, as well as the new AirSense 11.

How Do I Connect to ResMed myAir?

It’s easy to get started with the myAir app! First, you’ll need to download the app to your computer or mobile phone. You can find it in the Apple app store and on Google Play

Then visit to sign up for a myAir account. You’re all set!

If you don’t yet have a ResMed CPAP machine, reach out to Aeroflow Sleep to see if you qualify for a new CPAP through insurance! Your personal Sleep Specialist will coordinate with your insurance provider and handle all of the paperwork on your behalf.