Respironics Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask-without Headgear

The Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask system offers the best in nasal pillow comfort. This purchase does not include headgear.
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The Respironics Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask offers a new and innovative design to help patients achieve greater comfort during therapy. Patients are far more likely to reach compliance with this advanced nasal pillows system due to a more comfortable seal. Available in three sizes, the Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask is able to fit all types of nasal cavities. By reducing nasal irritation patients can fall asleep with ease and receive their therapy in comfort. Philips Respironics is a leader in providing top of the line sleep therapy devices, masks and accessories to consumers. The Nuance is an excellent example of their dedication to providing superior comfort for the best possible sleep therapy.