HDM PowerShell Kit and Extended Life Battery

Fits just about anywhere - just like your Z1™ or Z2™ machine!

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With a full charge the Z1™ PowerShell™ Kit and Battery will power your Z1™ machine for 8.9 hours at 20 cmH20. Battery Life will last longer, at a lower pressure setting. This means traveling anywhere is possible. Take your Z1™ practically anywhere, and you will never be without your CPAP therapy. You are covered, even at home during a power outage, as long as your PowerShell™ is fully charged. The compact battery and cradleFits just about anywhere!


  • Average of 8.9 hours of power cord free use
  • Convenient neoprene protecting cradle
  • Less than 1 pound
  • Easy attaching and detaching CPAP


  • Z1 PowerShell Module
  • Battery Cradle
  • Neoprene Outer
  • Lanyard
  • Overnight Battery
  • Battery Shuttle