DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced With Humidifier by Philips Respironics

The Philips DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced is clinically proven to help you succeed by supporting you along your Obstructive Sleep Apnea journey. It is designed to provide operational efficiencies and a simplified user experience. This includes a flexible setup, fully integrated humidifer, advanced comfort features , and more! 


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Efficient setup 

Flexibility in the setup process lets you choose what’s  best for your business: 

Out-of-the-box, no-touch setup

  • Accept data-driven defaults. 
  • Personalize remotely with Philips Care Orchestrator.
  • Guided, streamlined, low-touch setup on the device 

Ramp Plus 

The Ramp Plus feature allows patients to set a comfortable  starting pressure. 

  • Ramp Plus pressure ranges from 4 to 10 cm H2O. • Once set, Ramp Plus will be automatically activated for  future therapy sessions.  
  • Pressure will increase automatically if an event is detected. 

Integrated humidification 

Fully integrated and adaptive humidification automatically  adjusts the humidifier heater plate temperature to maintain  a constant level of relative humidity in a patient’s mask. • Heated tube temperature settings are optional. • Adjustments can be made easily during therapy. • Water-saving capability is included. 


Micro-flexible 12mm heated tube 

Philips’ smallest-diameter tubing is designed to be comfortable  while taking up less space than traditional tubing. 


Enhanced connectivity 

An integrated cell modem with automatic Bluetooth pairing  enables remote setup and easy access to data for both your  care team and your patients. 

Make on-demand prescription changes and access  therapy data. 

  • Use performance checks for remote troubleshooting. 

Daily feedback 

Remote data collection and engagement features help  track performance. 

  • Philips Care Orchestrator provides actionable patient insights and helps you anticipate and resolve most  patient concerns.  
  • The Philips DreamMapper app enables patients to view  their own nightly sleep data to help them stay motivated  and track their therapy.

More Information

More Information
ManufacturerPhillips Respironics
Insurance Product TypeNot Insurance
Prescription RequiredYes
FSA/HSA Eligible No
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