3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask

A low-profile design and full nose and mouth coverage?! Count us in for trying the 3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask. Its modern mask technology is ergonomic, and its fit pack comes with one of 3 sized cushions; small, medium, and large. Your perfect full-face CPAP mask awaits, with headgear too!

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3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask Overview

The 3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask offers a mask frame that conforms to the contours of your unique face shape while still taking into consideration that you may want to fit the parts yourself. The cushions are adjustable, the headgear comes with top-attachment wings you can use for support and stability, and QuickRelease clips mean you can attach and reattach to your CPAP machine whenever you need to get out of bed.

When you find yourself comfortably sleeping in bed (on the couch, in front of the TV, or snoozing through an open book,) you’ll be glad to have the Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask. There’s no forehead cushion needed, because 3B Medical believes one less attachment is a better setup. We agree; a full-face CPAP mask is ideal for those who want a secure seal for mouth breathing, and forehead support really isn’t helping in that area of your face. Why waste your time?

The area you are helping when you try the 3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask is in your preferred sleeping position. A 360° swivel elbow will help you get the most out of your CPAP therapy, because you’ll have the ultimate freedom of movement. The mask connection will be maintained, without causing irritation or excess pressure thanks to the top attachment wings too, and nothing will compromise whether you’re an active sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper while wearing this mask.

Finally, the 3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask is perfect for new CPAP users and BiPAP users. It was developed to be simple, user-friendly, and totally accessible to you. Plus, don’t forget that this product is a fit pack! You’ll get three different sizes of mask cushions, so you can try out each and see which one works best for you.

Start your sleep apnea journey with one of today’s top products: the 3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask. Click to see if your insurance plan is in-network with us! You may be eligible for a new CPAP mask (like this) one when you choose Aeroflow Sleep.

3B Medical Siesta Full-Face CPAP Mask Features

  • Comes with adjustable headgear, QuickRelease clips, and 3 cushion sizes

  • No forehead support means no irritation or excess pressure

  • Get an unobstructed view for reading or watching TV before bed

  • A 360° swivel elbow gives you the ultimate freedom of movement

  • Great for active sleepers, side sleepers, new CPAP and BiPAP users, and more



  • One (1) CPAP mask
  • One (1) of each size mask cushion
  • One (1) adustable headgear

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer3B Medical
Insurance Product TypeNot Insurance
Prescription RequiredYes
FSA/HSA Eligible Yes