DreamStation Humidifier

The humidifier designed specifically for the DreamStation Series of Machines.
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The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is designed specifically for the DreamStation Series of Machines. This humidifier is user-friendly and offers a Standard fixed heating mode as well as an Adaptive mode, which automatically adjusts heat and moisture levels. For increased warmth, add the optional Heated Tubing.

Features and Benefits

  • Adaptive Humidification Option: the humidifier can be set in "adaptive" mode to provide optimum moisture to the air while preventing condensation in the hose. There is also a fixed humidification option to maintain a certain level of heating throughout the night.
  • User-Friendly Chamber Design: an easily accessible water chamber in the center of the device has a holding capacity of 325mL.
  • Dry Box Technology: when used with the DreamStation machine, dry box technology works to reduce the chance of water damage by trapping water in the unit walls so it does not reach the machine and humidifier connection. The air outlet port uses a one way valve so water does not enter the machine.
  • Optional Heated Tubing: adding the heated tube will decrease chances of rainout in tubing while maintaining warm air delivery to the user.
  • Compatible Hose Options: the humidifier is compatible with a standard 22mm hose, slim 15mm hose or a slim 15mm heated hose.

The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is only compatible with Respironics DreamStation Machines and Hosing.