Respironics EasyLife Nasal CPAP Mask and Headgear - Small

With a unique inflatable dual cushion, the inner cushion creates an instant self adjusting seal.
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The Philips Respironics EasyLife nasal CPAP mask and headgear uses a patented Auto Seal cushion that nearly eliminates the need for manual mask adjusting. With a unique inflatable dual cushion, the inner cushion creates an instant self-adjusting seal while the outer cushion provides comfort and support with minimal room for leaks. A single cushion clip secures the Auto Seal system to the mask frame. This unique feature ensures that the cushion is properly sealed during sleep apnea therapy. Both the inner and outer cushions are replaceable for hygienic purposes.

Respironics has developed a micro-port system on the elbow piece of the mask frame. The micro-ports are smaller than ever before, allowing more ports to be utilized on the elbow. With a greater number of smaller ports, air is successfully diffused away from the patient and their bed partner. Air is diffused quietly for a more relaxing sleep environment.

The EasyLife Nasal CPAP headgear is available in sizes petite, small, medium, medium wide and large. All headgear sizes are adjustable for the patient to achieve a personalized CPAP therapy experience. Headgear is easy to use and is the only part of this mask system that needs to be adjusted as the cushion uses Auto Seal technology

Features and Benefits
  • Auto Seal cushion self-adjusts adjusts to the facial features of each unique patient
  • Both the inner and outer cushion are replaceable
  • Micro-ports diffuse air quietly away from the user and their bed partner
  • Adjustable headgear in various sizes ensures all patients can comfortable use the Respironics EasyLife nasal mask
  • Latex free materials and parts
  • Sizes: Petite, small, medium, medium wide and large
  • Mask system includes: Mask, cushion, elbow and headgear