Meet the Aeroflow Sleep Team!

Aeroflow Sleep is committed to following our mission to improve each of our patient’s quality of life through compassion, excellent service, and exceptional products. We feel that it is our duty, responsibility, and privilege to help each patient regain a better night’s sleep.

What is the Aeroflow Sleep Program?

This program is created to keep you or your patients’ health top of mind. We work hand-in-hand with the patient, physician and payer group to ensure that the qualifying process is quick and easy for all parties involved.

Most of all, we want to ensure the patient is getting the proper equipment to meet their unique needs and that they are one step closer to being well-rested.

Eric Mongeau

Aeroflow Sleep National Sales Director

David Kelly

Regional Sales Manager, Southeast US

Territory Managers

Matt Lewis

Territory Manager, Central & Western NC

Lisa Lyvers

Territory Manager, Upstate SC

Carla Brackman

Territory Manager, Eastern NC

Dean Shabeldeen

Territory Manager, Coastal SC

Kristen Fowler

Territory Manager, Middle TN

Amanda Monello

Territory Manager, Atlanta, GA

Tim Russell

Territory Manager, DC & Baltimore

John Williams

Territory Manager, Louisville, KY

Kevin Kuyt

Territory Manager, Eastern TN

Noah Fetterhoff

Territory Manager, Austin, TX

Tyler Young

Territory Manager, Birmingham, AL