National CPAP Machine Shortage: What you can do


Many patients have grown frustrated with the Philips machine recall and the national PAP machine shortage that this recall has caused.

While both of these items are outside of Aeroflow Sleeps control, we wanted to give you the power to make a difference in influencing quicker change. We've outlined 3 options below that can help you make a difference and have a voice:


1. Click here to write your congressman - This link includes information on how to find your rep via your zip code. Click the title of the letter icon to see a pre-written letter that we've already created for you!

Letter to Your Congressman


2. Writing to a technology CEO - This link describes how you might find email addresses for a technology CEO online. Alternatively, you can always draft a snail mail letter and mail it. Part of the shortage is due to a lack of microchip "wafers" that Resmed has access to. Writing a technology CEO to encourage them to donate wafers to the cause might start to make a big difference. Click the title of the letter icon to see a pre-written letter for this as well! 

Dear Technology CEO


3. Contact your local media outlet - Raising awareness with your local media outlets is always a great way to have an impact and encourage change.