Chin Straps

Chin straps are an excellent solution for mouth breathers. This optional attachment is an extension of the headgear and sits comfortably against your chin, keeping your jaw firmly closed while you sleep.

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  1. Sunset Ruby Chinstrap

    Sunset Ruby Chinstrap

    As low as $15.00
  2. Premium Chinstrap

    Premium Chinstrap

  3. Sullivan Chin Strap by Spirit Medical

    Sullivan Chin Strap by Spirit Medical

  4. Sunset Adjustable Chinstrap

    Sunset Adjustable Chinstrap

    As low as $15.95
  5. Sunset Chin Strap

    Sunset Chin Strap

  6. Adjustable Chin Strap

    Adjustable Chin Strap

  7. Universal Chin Strap

    Universal Chin Strap

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